Permission For Use of An Adaptive Sailing Device

Permission is granted for Dick Hallagan to conduct an experiment with an adaptive sailing device at the 2019 Lightning Worlds regattas in Finland to assist a skipper with impaired lower body strength in moving from side to side of the boat during maneuvers.

The device has been described as a plank, spanning the cockpit and attached by aluminum brackets to the boat approximately 18” aft of the centerboard trunk. Technical details of the device and its attachment to the boat are Mr. Hallagan’s responsibility, and may evolve as the regatta progresses. The ILCAs understanding is that the device will comply with existing specifications concerning the hiking devices (Specifications Article IV- Rigging, paragraph 60), and seat strength (Article I – Hull, paragraph 40.3). These articles are quoted below from the ILCA web site for reference.

For the purpose of this experiment, the portion of paragraph 40.3 concerning height is waived and the device may be of any height equal to or below that of a common “2x4” plank (or European local equivalent) would reach laying across the existing side decks.

Following the regatta, the class requests that photos and a description of its effectiveness be submitted so that further requests of this nature may benefit from the work done this year. Permission for the use of this device has been reviewed and granted by the ILCA Executive Committee on 20 May 2019.

Bill Cabrall

ILCA Chief Measurer

Excerpts from ILCA Specifications:

Article I – Hull, paragraph 40.3

Seats must be of the general outline and position as shown on plans and must have the strength of the equivalent of 15.875 mm (5/8’’) solid wood. Total width of seats shall not be less than 228.60 mm (9’’) wide. Seats may vary plus or minus 50.80 mm (2’’) in height from a median distance of 314.325 mm (12-3/8’’) above the outer surface of the keel at station 6.

Article IV – Rigging, paragraph 60

Hiking gear may be fastened to deck supports, seats, centerboard trunk or coaming, and no part of any hiking arrangement except hiking stick attached to the tiller shall extend or be carried outside the sheer line, except that a single, hand held line fastened inside the cockpit may be used as a hiking assist. Hiking from halyards or any part of the rigging is not permitted.