Dear Lightning sailor,

As outlined elsewhere, there are good public connections to take you from Helsinki Airport to the venue at Espoon Pursiseura (Nuottatie 19, Espoo/Matinkylä). Read more: Coming to EPS

But if your whole crew is travelling together and you have a lot of luggage, a taxi may be more convenient – and not very much more expensive.

The taxi sector in the Helsinki area was deregulated very recently so different companies have different pricing structures.

Here are some examples:

Helsinki Taxi: Estimate 52 – 65 EUR for Airport to Espoon Pursiseura (1-4 persons)

Lähitaxi: Price structure very similar to Helsinki Taxi.

Yellow Line:Minibus type grouped taxis, taking passengers to different locations. For 3-4 persons the fare to the venue is abt 49€, for 1-2 persons somewhat less. You may have to wait up to 15 minutes. With a private Yellow Line cab, the cost of the transfer is about 75EUR.

Other taxi companies may offer rides at the Airport. We recommend asking for a fixed price or at least an estimate.

Compiled by:

Patrick Andersson